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Providing clients with the best value for their money since established has made MnM Construction, one of the UK’s leading and most respected firms in the construction industry. Headquartered in Haymarket, Piccadilly, the employee-owned MnM companies serve clients through a network of offices across the UK and Europe.

Over the years MnM Construction has extended its building and construction expertise to include many specialised construction services. Take a look at MnM’s areas of expertise to see the breadth of our capabilities and view some of current and completed projects.

Introducing Our New Removals Service

Moving and Removal Service

Finding a reliable removal service can be difficult, especially when you don’t want to disrupt your schedule in order to find the time just to get the job done. That is why we work endlessly to make sure that you are given a service that you know you can count on from the second you hire our team for the job. It doesn’t matter whether you just need to get a new partition wall fitted or whether you need someone who can help you to change the layout of your brand new property because we can do it all and more without any compromise.  In keeping with our ethos of being the ‘one stop service’ centre for all your building needs we announce our new removals service.

We understand that sometimes you don’t want to be around when all the moving business is going on, and we also understand that you just want someone else to handle it for you. That is why we can pack and move all of your belongings for you when you’re at work or when you’re out of the house so when you come home, you can have it all done and dusted. When all of your belongings have been moved into storage, we will then commence the building work so you don’t have to lift a finger. Of course we are skilled and experienced when it comes to moving and we always make sure that your satisfaction is our number one priority from the get-go so if you have any fragile or sentimental items, you know that we will always make sure that they are handled with care. You will also find that we are fully insured when it comes to moving your belongings and that when the build is done, we will clean up and make sure that there is no dust or rubbish in the property. After this has been sorted out, we will then move back in your belongings and your personal items just as they were, and if you would like things moving about a little then we can handle that for you as well.

Attention to detail is one of our specialties and our storage areas are all managed by us so when we pack away your belongings, you know that they will be completely safe at all times. We also make sure that the storage lockers are fully secured as well so it has never been easier to get the result you need.

Of course, if you have any special requirements we would be more than happy to try and meet them and our team members are all hand-selected by us personally so you know that they’ll be some of the finest in the business.

So what are the benefits of hiring our company? We can help you to save time, money and effort, not to mention that we will always talk with you before the job is started so we know and understand your requirements from the second you make that call. On top of this, we will also make sure that we protect the other areas of your home while the building work is being carried out, whether it is in your hallway, your living room or even your bathroom, you can count on us to preserve the aesthetic value of your home from start to finish.

Don’t take our word for it though, why don’t you get in touch with us today to find out more. We’d be more than happy to take your call and we are always excited to see how we can help you to get what you need. Alternatively, why don’t you take a look at our website pages to see what other services we can offer you?